Walker County, GA

County: WALKER
Member Name: City of Lafayette
Contact: Johnnie Arnold
Job Title: City Manager
Address: PO Box 89
LafayetteGA  30728-0089
Phone: (706) 638-3177
Fax: (706) 638-1872
E-mail: jarnold@cityoflafayettega.org
Web page: www.cityoflafayettega.org


County: WALKER
Member Name: Walker County
Contact: Bebe Heiskell
Job Title: Sole Commissioner
Address: PO Box 445
LafayetteGA  30728-0445
Phone: (706) 638-1437
Fax: (706) 638-1453
E-mail: commissioner@co.walker.ga.us
Web page: www.co.walker.ga.us

Union County, GA

County: UNION
Member Name: City of Blairsville
Contact: Jim Conley
Job Title: Mayor
Address: PO Box 307
BlairsvilleGA  30514-0307
Phone: (706) 745-2000
Fax: (706) 745-7326
Web page:


County: UNION
Member Name: Union County
Contact: Lamar Paris
Job Title: Sole Commissioner
Address: 114 Courthouse Street
BlairsvilleGA  30512-3003
Phone: (706) 439-6000
Fax: (706) 439-745-1311
E-mail: unioncounty@alltel.net
Web page: www.unioncounty@alltel.net

Towns County, GA

County: TOWNS
Member Name: City of Hiawssee
Contact: Barbara Mathis
Job Title: Mayor
Address: 229 Chatuge Way
HiawasseeGA  30546-3439
Phone: (706) 896-2203
Fax: (706) 896-4991
Web page:


County: TOWNS
Member Name: Towns County
Contact: Bill Kendal
Job Title: Sole Commissioner
Address: 48 River Street
HiawasseeGA  30546
Phone: (706) 896-2276
Fax: (706) 896-1772
Web page:

Rabun County, GA

County: RABUN
Member Name: City of Clayton
Contact: Cissy Henry
Job Title: City Manager
Address: 99 N Church St
ClaytonGA  30525-4179
Phone: (706) 782-4512
Fax: (706) 782-4596
Web page:


County: RABUN
Member Name: Rabun County
Contact: Max Watts
Job Title: Chairman
Address: 25 Courthouse Sq Ste 201
ClaytonGA  30525-4114
Phone: (706) 782-5271
Fax: (706) 782-7588
E-mail: boc@acmerbrain.com
Web page:

Murray County, GA

County: MURRAY
Member Name: City of Chatsworth
Contact: Jerry Sanford
Job Title: Mayor
Address: PO Box 516
ChatsworthGA  30705-0516
Phone: (706) 695-2834
Fax: (706) 695-517-1623
Web page:


County: MURRAY
Member Name: Murray County
Contact: James Welch
Job Title: Sole Commissioner
Address: PO Box 1129
ChatsworthGA  30705-1129
Phone: (706) 695-2413
Fax: (706) 695-8721
Web page:

Lumpkin County, GA

Member Name: City of Dahlonega
Contact: Billy Lewis
Job Title: City Manager
Address: 465 Riley Rd
DahlonegaGA  30533-0810
Phone: (706) 864-6133
Fax: (706) 864-4837
E-mail: cityofdahlonega@alltel.net
Web page: www.cityofdahlonega.com


Member Name: Lumpkin County
Contact: Stan Kelley
Job Title: County Manager
Address: 99 Courthouse Hill Suite A
DahlonegaGA  30533-0541
Phone: (706) 864-3742
Fax: (706) 864-4760
E-mail: skelley@lumpkincounty.gov
Web page: www.lumpkincounty.gov

Gordon County, GA

County: GORDON
Member Name: City of Calhoun
Contact: Larry Vickery
Job Title: Superintendent
Address: 700 West Line Street
CalhounGA  30701
Phone: (706) 602-6127
Fax: (706) 625-0439
E-mail: lvickery@calnet.ga.net
Web page: www.cityofcalhoun-ga.com


County: GORDON
Member Name: Gordon County
Contact: Randall Dowling
Job Title: County Administrator
Address: PO Box 580
CalhounGA  30703-0580
Phone: (706) 629-3795
Fax: (706) 629-9516
E-mail: rdowling@gordoncounty.org
Web page: www.gordoncounty.org

Gilmer County, GA

County: GILMER
Member Name: City of Ellijay
Contact: Al Hoyle
Job Title: Mayor
Address: 197 N Main St
EllijayGA  30540-3323
Phone: (706) 635-4711
Fax: (706) 635-4712
Web page:


County: GILMER
Member Name: Gilmer County
Contact: Mark E. Chastain
Job Title: Chairman
Address: 1 Broad Street, Suite 106
EllijayGA  30540
Phone: (706) 635-4361
Fax: (706) 635-4359
E-mail: cntycome@ellijay.com
Web page:

Fannin County, GA

County: FANNIN
Member Name: City of Blue Ridge
Contact: Robert E. Greene
Job Title: Mayor
Address: 480 West First Street
Blue RidgeGA  30513
Phone: 706 632-2091
Fax: 706 632-3278
Web page:


County: FANNIN
Member Name: Fannin County
Contact: William Simonds
Job Title: Chairman
Address: 400 W Main Street, Suite 100
Blue RidgeGA  30513-8593
Phone: (706) 632-2203
Fax: (706) 632-2507
E-mail: hbruce@fannincountyga.org
Web page: www.fannincountyga.org

Dade County, GA

County: DADE
Member Name: City of Trenton
Contact: Paul Rollings
Job Title: Mayor
Address: PO Box 518
TrentonGA  30752-0518
Phone: (706) 657-4167
Fax: (706) 657-7228
Web page:


County: DADE
Member Name: Dade County
Contact: Ted Rumley
Job Title: County Executive
Address: PO Box 613
TrentonGA  30752-0613
Phone: (706) 657-4625
Fax: (706) 657-5116
E-mail: ben.brandon@dadega.com
Web page: www.dadega.com