Local Government Membership

Local government membership in ATVG is open to each of the 201 counties plus the incorporated cities/towns that reside within the seven-state TVA region of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Each local government member is represented in the Association by the chief elected executive officer or by his/her designated representative. Dues for local government members are based on the 1990 census as follows:


 $400/minimum and $2,250 maximum


35 percent of county payment or $300 minimum and $750 maximum

We invite your membership and participation in ATVG. For more information, please contact the Association of Tennessee Valley Governments, P.O. Box 3578, Clarksville, TN 37043, Telephone (865) 659-4745 or make use of our on-line contact form.

Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate Membership program addresses challenges in the seven-state Tennessee Valley region by encouraging a partnership between local governments and the public and private sectors. Membership is open to any corporate, state government, academic, and nonprofit organization that wants to support and be affiliated with ATVG. Affiliate members participate fully in the activities of the Association. They are invited to attend meetings and to take an active role in implementing the “Program of Work”. Members are recognized at meetings and events throughout the year.  Affiliate dues provide an additional source of financial support that is used to carry out the Association’s “Program of Work”, and special projects. Dues for Affiliate members are graduated according to type of organization. Business and corporations may become members by contributing annual dues of at least $500. Dues for Nonprofit Organizations are $450 a year and Individuals may join as Affiliate members for annual dues of $350.

Categories of Affiliate Membership


  • Corporations
  • Any private enterprise
Nonprofit Organizations

  • Colleges/Universities
  • Development/Planning Districts
  • Human Resource Agencies
  • Local Governments outside the TVA Region
  • Member Groups and Associations
  • Power Distributors
Individual Members $350

We invite your membership and participation in ATVG as an Affiliate member at whatever level you choose. For more information, please contact the Association of Tennessee Valley Governments, P.O. Box 1504 Paris, TN. 38242, Telephone (865) 659-4745.

Fees updated April 2023