Tennessee Member Counties

Anderson County, TN

County: ANDERSON Member Name: Anderson County Contact: Myron L. Iwanski Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 N. Main St. Clinton,  TN  37716 Phone: (865) 457-6200 Fax: (865) 456-6201 E-mail: mliwanski@tva.gov Web page: www.andersonth.org   County: ANDERSON Member Name: City of Clinton Contact: Steve Jones Job Title: City Manager Address: 100 Bowling Street Clinton,  TN  37716-2902 Phone: (865) 457-0424 Fax: (865) 457-4651 E-mail: […]

Bedford County, TN

ounty: BEDFORD Member Name: Bedford County Contact: Eugene Ray Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 Public Sq Ste 101 Shelbyville,  TN  37160-3953 Phone: (931) 684-7944 Fax: (931) 684-8697 E-mail: Web page:   County: BEDFORD Member Name: City of Shelbyville Contact: Mike Dill Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 185 Shelbyville,  TN  37162-0185 Phone: (931) 684-2691 Ext. 400 Fax: (931) 684-1423 E-mail: […]

Benton County, TN

County: BENTON Member Name: Benton County Contact: Barry Barnett Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 Court Sq Ste 102 Camden,  TN  38320-2070 Phone: (731) 584-6011 Fax: (731) 584-4640 E-mail: Web page: Back to top County: BENTON Member Name: City of Camden Contact: Alan Webb Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 779 Camden,  TN  38320-0779 Phone: (731) 584-4656 Fax: (731) 584-1781 E-mail: camden@aeneas.net […]

Bledsoe County, TN

County: BLEDSOE Member Name: Bledsoe County Contact: Robert Collier Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 149 Pikeville,  TN  37367-0149 Phone: (423) 447-6855 Fax: (423) 447-7265 E-mail: Web page:   County: BLEDSOE Member Name: City of Pikeville Contact: Greg Johnson Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 225 Pikeville,  TN  37367-0225 Phone: (423) 447-2919 Fax: (423) 447-2028 […]

Blount County, TN

County: BLOUNT Member Name: Blount County Contact: Ed Mitchell Job Title: Mayor Address: 341 Court Street Maryville,  TN  37804-5906 Phone: (865) 273-5700 Fax: (865) 273-5705 E-mail: emitchell@blounttn.org Web page: www.blounttn.org   County: BLOUNT Member Name: City of Alcoa Contact: Mark Johnson Job Title: City Manager Address: 223 Associates Blvd Alcoa,  TN  37701-1943 Phone: (865) 380-4795 […]

Bradley County, TN

County: BRADLEY Member Name: Bradley County Contact: Gary Davis Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1167 Cleveland,  TN  37364-1167 Phone: (423) 476-0600 Fax: (423) 476-0696 E-mail: gdavis@bradleyco.net Web page:   County: BRADLEY Member Name: City of Cleveland Contact: Janice Casteel Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 1519 Cleveland,  TN  37311-5330 Phone: (423) 476-9320 Fax: […]

Campbell County, TN

County: CAMPBELL Member Name: Campbell County Contact: William Baird Job Title: Mayor Address: 570 Main Street, Ste. 15A Jacksboro,  TN  37757-0435 Phone: (423) 562-2526 Fax: (423) 562-2075 E-mail: mayor@campbellcountygov.com Web page: Back to top County: CAMPBELL Member Name: Town of Jacksboro Contact: Jack Cannon Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 75 Jacksboro,  TN  37757-0075 Phone: […]

Cannon County, TN

County: CANNON Member Name: Cannon County Contact: Mike Gannon Job Title: Mayor Address: Public Square, Cthse Woodbury,  TN  37190 Phone: (615) 563-2320 Fax: (615) 563-5696 E-mail: Web page:   County: CANNON Member Name: Town of Woodbury Contact: Harold Patrick Job Title: Mayor Address: 101 West Water Street Woodbury,  TN  37190 Phone: (615) 563-5021 Fax: (615) […]

Carroll County, TN

County: CARROLL Member Name: Carroll County Contact: Kenny McBride Job Title: Mayor Address: 625 High St Ste 101 Huntingdon,  TN  38344-1731 Phone: (731) 986-1936 Fax: (731) 986-1935 E-mail: carrollcounty@aeneas.net Web page:   County: CARROLL Member Name: Town of Huntingdon Contact: Dale R. Kelley Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 668 Huntingdon,  TN  38344-0668 Phone: (731) […]

Carter County, TN

County: CARTER Member Name: Carter County Contact: Leon Humphrey Job Title: Mayor Address: 801 Elk Ave Elizabethton,  TN  37643-4537 Phone: (423) 542-1801 Fax: (423) 542-9279 E-mail: Web page:   County: CARTER Member Name: City of Elizabethton Contact: Fred R. Edens Job Title: City Manager Address: 136 South Sycamore Street Elizabethton,  TN  37643-3328 Phone: (423) 547-6200 […]

Cheatham County, TN

County: CHEATHAM Member Name: Cheatham County Contact: David McCullough Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 Public Square, Courthouse Ashland City,  TN  37015 Phone: (615) 792-4316 Fax: (615) 792-2001 E-mail: Web page:   County: CHEATHAM Member Name: Town of Ashland City Contact: Gary Norwood Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 36 Ashland City,  TN  37015-0036 Phone: (615) […]

Chester County, TN

County: CHESTER Member Name: Chester County Contact: Dwain Seaton Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 296 Henderson,  TN  38340-0296 Phone: (731) 989-5672 Fax: (731) 989-7473 E-mail: Web page:   County: CHESTER Member Name: City of Henderson Contact: Robert W. King Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 68 Henderson,  TN  38340-0068 Phone: (731) 989-4628 Fax: (731) […]

Claiborne County, TN

County: CLAIBORNE Member Name: Claiborne County Contact: Jack Daniels Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 318 Tazewell,  TN  37879-0318 Phone: (423) 626-5236 Fax: (423) 626-1661 E-mail: ccmayor13@yahoo.com Web page: www.claibornecounty.com   County: CLAIBORNE Member Name: Town of Tazewell Contact: Betsy Shoffner Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 206 Tazewell,  TN  37879-0206 Phone: (423) 626-5104 Fax: […]

Clay County, TN

County: CLAY Member Name: Clay County Contact: Dale R. Reagan Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 387 Celina,  TN  38551-0387 Phone: (931) 243-2161 Fax: (931) 243-2436 E-mail: Web page:   County: CLAY Member Name: Town of Celina Contact: Buddy Thompson Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 449 Celina,  TN  38551-0449 Phone: (931) 243-2115 Fax: (931) […]

Cocke County, TN

County: COCKE Member Name: City of Newport Contact: Connie Ball Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 370 Newport,  TN  37822-0370 Phone: (423) 623-7323 Fax: (423) 623-7098 E-mail: mayorconnieball@newporttn.com Web page: www.cityofnewport-tn.com   County: COCKE Member Name: Cocke County Contact: Vaughn Moore Job Title: Mayor Address: 360 East Main Street Newport,  TN  37821-3121 Phone: (423) 623-8791 […]

Coffee County, TN

County: COFFEE Member Name: City of Manchester Contact: Betty Superstein Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 209 Manchester,  TN  37349-0209 Phone: (931) 728-4652 Fax: (931) 728-8273 E-mail: Web page:   County: COFFEE Member Name: Coffee County Contact: David Pennington Job Title: Mayor Address: 1329 McArthur St Ste 1 Manchester,  TN  37355-2456 Phone: (931) 723-5100 Fax: […]

Crockett County, TN

County: CROCKETT Member Name: Crockett County Contact: Gary Reasons Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 South Bells Street Alamo,  TN  38001-1746 Phone: (731) 696-5460 Fax: (731) 696-4101 E-mail: Web page:   County: CROCKETT Member Name: Town of Alamo Contact: Tommy Green Job Title: Mayor Address: 74 E Park St Alamo,  TN  38001-1765 Phone: (731) 696-4515 Fax: […]

Cumberland County, TN

County: CUMBERLAND Member Name: City of Crossville Contact: Ted Meadows Job Title: City Manager Address: 99 Municipal Ave Crossville,  TN  38555-4477 Phone: (931) 484-5113 Fax: (931) 484-7713 E-mail: Web page: www.crossvilletn.gov   County: CUMBERLAND Member Name: Cumberland County Contact: Kenneth Carey Job Title: Mayor Address: Two North Main, Suite 203 Crossville,  TN  38555-4583 Phone: (931) […]

Decatur County, TN

County: DECATUR Member Name: Decatur County Contact: Mike Creasy Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 488 Decaturville,  TN  38329-0488 Phone: (731) 852-2131 Fax: (731) 852-2130 E-mail: Web page: www.decaturcountytn.org   County: DECATUR Member Name: Town of Decaturville Contact: Jerry Buchanan Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 159 Decaturville,  TN  38329-0159 Phone: (731) 852-2034 Fax: (731) […]

DeKalb County, TN

County: DEKALB Member Name: City of Smithville Contact: Taft Hendrixson Job Title: Mayor Address: 104 East Main Street Smithville,  TN  37166 Phone: (615) 597-4745 Fax: (615) 597-9438 E-mail: citysmit@dtccom.net Web page:   County: DEKALB Member Name: Dekalb County Contact: Mike Foster Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 Public Square Smithville,  TN  37166-1444 Phone: (615) 597-5175 Fax: […]

Dickson County, TN

County: DICKSON Member Name: City of Charlotte Contact: Bill Davis Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 129 Charlotte,  TN  37036-0129 Phone: (615) 789-4184 Fax: (615) 789-9273 E-mail: Web page:   County: DICKSON Member Name: City of Dickson Contact: Tom H. Waychoff Job Title: City Administrator Address: 600 East Walnut Street Dickson,  TN  37055 Phone: (615) […]

Dyer County, TN

County: DYER Member Name: City of Dyersburg Contact: John Holden Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1358 Dyersburg,  TN  38025-1358 Phone: (731) 286-7604 Fax: (731) 286-7603 E-mail: Web page:   County: DYER Member Name: Dyer County Contact: Richard Hill Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1360 Dyersburg,  TN  38025-1360 Phone: (731) 286-7800 Fax: (731) 286-6462 […]

Fayette County, TN

County: FAYETTE Member Name: Fayette County Contact: Rhea Taylor Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 218 Somerville,  TN  38068-0218 Phone: (901) 465-5202 Fax: (901) 465-5229 E-mail: Web page:   County: FAYETTE Member Name: Town of Somerville Contact: Robert Morris Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 909 Somerville,  TN  38068-0909 Phone: (901) 465-9500 Fax: (901) 465-7320 […]

Fentress County, TN

County: FENTRESS Member Name: City of Jamestown Contact: Gwenith Duncan Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 670 Jamestown,  TN  38556-0670 Phone: (931) 879-8815 Fax: (931) 879-3543 E-mail: Web page:   County: FENTRESS Member Name: Fentress County Contact: Frank Smith Job Title: County Executive Address: PO Box 1128 Jamestown,  TN  38556-1128 Phone: (931) 879-7713 Fax: (931) […]

Franklin County, TN

County: FRANKLIN Member Name: City of Winchester Contact: Terry Harrell Job Title: Mayor Address: 7 South High Street Winchester,  TN  37398 Phone: (931) 967-4771 Fax: (931) 967-1553 E-mail: terry.harrell@usbank.com Web page: www.winchester-tn.com   County: FRANKLIN Member Name: Franklin County Contact: Richard Stewart Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 S. Jefferson St. Winchester,  TN  37398 Phone: (931) […]

Gibson County, TN

County: GIBSON Member Name: City of Trenton Contact: Tony Burriss Job Title: Mayor Address: 309 South College Street Trenton,  TN  38382 Phone: (731) 855-2013 Fax: (731) 855-1091 E-mail: Web page:   County: GIBSON Member Name: Gibson County Contact: Thomas Witherspoon Job Title: Mayor Address: One Court Square Trenton,  TN  38382 Phone: (731) 855-7613 Fax: (731) […]

Giles County, TN

County: GILES Member Name: City of Pulaski Contact: Dan Speer Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 633 Pulaski,  TN  38478-0633 Phone: (931) 363-2516 Fax: (931) 363-3408 E-mail: Web page:   County: GILES Member Name: Giles County Contact: Janet Vanzandt Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 678 Pulaski,  TN  38478-0678 Phone: (931) 363-5300 Fax: (931) 424-6101 […]

Grainger County, TN

County: GRAINGER Member Name: City of Rutledge Contact: Danny Turley Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 36 Rutledge,  TN  37861-0036 Phone: (865) 828-4513 Fax: (865) 828-8493 E-mail: Web page:   County: GRAINGER Member Name: Grainger County Contact: Mark Hipsher Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 126 Rutledge,  TN  37861-0126 Phone: (865) 828-3513 Fax: (865) 828-4284 […]

Greene County, TN

County: GREENE Member Name: Greene County Contact: Alan Broyles Job Title: Mayor Address: 204 N Cutler St Ste 206 Greeneville,  TN  37745-3847 Phone: (423) 798-1766 Fax: (423) 798-1767 E-mail: Web page:   County: GREENE Member Name: Town of Greeneville Contact: Laraine King Job Title: Mayor Address: 200 N College St Greeneville,  TN  37745-5091 Phone: (423) […]

Grundy County, TN

County: GRUNDY Member Name: Grundy County Contact: Lonnie Cleek Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 177 Altamont,  TN  37301-0177 Phone: (931) 692-3718 Fax: (931) 692-3721 E-mail: Web page:   County: GRUNDY Member Name: Town of Altamont Contact: Jimmy Walker Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 200 Altamont,  TN  37301-0200 Phone: (931) 692-3971 Fax: (931) 692-4027 […]

Hamblen County, TN

County: HAMBLEN Member Name: City of Morristown Contact: Sami Barile Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1499 Morristown,  TN  37816-1499 Phone: (423) 581-4605 Fax: (423) 586-1205 E-mail: mayorl@mymorristown.com Web page: www.mymorristown.com   County: HAMBLEN Member Name: Hamblen County Contact: Bill Brittain Job Title: Mayor Address: 511 West Second North Street Morristown,  TN  37814 Phone: (423) […]

Hamilton County, TN

County: HAMILTON Member Name: City of Chattanooga Contact: Ron Littlefield Job Title: Mayor Address: 101 11th Street, Suite 427 Chattanooga,  TN  37402 Phone: (423) 757-5152 Fax: (423) 757-0005 E-mail: Web page:   County: HAMILTON Member Name: Hamilton County Contact: Jim Coppinger Job Title: Mayor Address: 208 Courthouse 208 Courthouse Chattanooga,  TN  37402 Phone: (423) 209-6100 […]

Hancock County, TN

County: HANCOCK Member Name: Hancock County Contact: Thomas Harrison Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 347 Sneedville,  TN  37869-0347 Phone: (423) 733-4341 Fax: (423) 733-4348 E-mail: Web page:   County: HANCOCK Member Name: Town of Sneedville Contact: Wayland Dean Rhea Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 377 Sneedville,  TN  37869-0377 Phone: (423) 733-2254 Fax: (423) […]

Hardeman County, TN

County: HARDEMAN Member Name: City of Bolivar Contact: Sheila Dellinger Job Title: City Administrator Address: 211 N Washington St Bolivar,  TN  38008-2313 Phone: (731) 658-2020 Fax: (731) 658-1877 E-mail: Web page:   County: HARDEMAN Member Name: Hardeman County Contact: Willie Spencer Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 250 Bolivar,  TN  38008-0250 Phone: (731) 658-3266 Fax: […]

Hardin County,TN

County: HARDIN Member Name: City of Savannah Contact: Garry Welch Job Title: City Manager Address: 1020 Main Street Savannah,  TN  38372 Phone: Fax: E-mail: Web page:   County: HARDIN Member Name: Hardin County Contact: Kevin Davis Job Title: Mayor Address: 601 Main Street Savannah,  TN  38372 Phone: (731) 925-9078 Fax: (731) 925-0338 E-mail: hcexec@usit.net Web […]

Trousdale County, TN

County: HARTSVILLE/TROUSDALE Member Name: Hartsville/Trousdale Metro Contact: Jake West Job Title: County Executive Address: 210 Broadway Street, Room 5 Hartsville,  TN  37074-1799 Phone: (615) 374-2461 Fax: (615) 374-1100 E-mail: Web page:

Hawkins County, TN

County: HAWKINS Member Name: Hawkins County Contact: Melville Bailey Job Title: Mayor Address: 150 Washington Street Rogersville,  TN  37857 Phone: (423) 272-7359 Fax: (423) 272-1867 E-mail: Web page:   County: HAWKINS Member Name: Town of Rogersville Contact: Jim Sells Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 788 Rogersville,  TN  37857-0788 Phone: (423) 272-7497 Fax: (423) 272-9451 […]

Haywood County, TN

County: HAYWOOD Member Name: City of Brownsville Contact: Webb Banks Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 440 Brownsville,  TN  38012-0440 Phone: (731) 772-1212 Fax: (731) 772-1275 E-mail: cityhall@pchnet.com Web page:   County: HAYWOOD Member Name: Haywood County Contact: Franklin Smith Job Title: Mayor Address: Haywood Courthouse 1 North Washington Brownsville,  TN  38012 Phone: (731) 772-1432 […]

Henderson County, TN

County: HENDERSON Member Name: City of Lexington Contact: Bobby Dyer Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1699 Lexington,  TN  38351-2741 Phone: (731) 968-6657 Fax: (731) 968-3238 E-mail: lexington@netease.net Web page:   County: HENDERSON Member Name: Henderson County Contact: Dan Hughes Job Title: Mayor Address: 17 Monroe Ave Ste 4 Lexington,  TN  38351-2183 Phone: (731) 968-0122 […]

Henry County, TN

County: HENRY Member Name: City of Paris Contact: Kim Foster Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 970 Paris,  TN  38242-0970 Phone: (731) 641-1455 Fax: (731) 641-1424 E-mail: cityofparis@cityofparistn.gov Web page:   County: HENRY Member Name: Henry County Contact: Brent Greer Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 7 Paris,  TN  38242-0007 Phone: (731) 642-5212 Fax: […]