Tennessee Member Counties

Hickman County, TN

County: HICKMAN Member Name: Hickman County Contact: Steve Gregory Job Title: Mayor Address: 114 North Central Avenue Centerville,  TN  37033-1454 Phone: (931) 729-2492 Fax: (931) 729-6150 E-mail: mayor@hickmanco.com Web page: www.hickmanco.com   County: HICKMAN Member Name: Town of Centerville Contact: Wayne Prince Job Title: Town Administrator Address: PO Box 238 Centerville,  TN  37033-0238 Phone: (931) […]

Houston County, TN

County: HOUSTON Member Name: City of Erin Contact: Cecil Baggett Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 270 Erin,  TN  37061-0270 Phone: (931) 289-4108 Fax: (931) 289-5436 E-mail: Web page:   County: HOUSTON Member Name: Houston County Contact: George E. Clark Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 366 Erin,  TN  37061-0366 Phone: (931) 289-3633 Fax: (931) […]

Humphreys County, TN

County: HUMPHREYS Member Name: City of Waverly Contact: Buddy Frazier Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 70 Waverly,  TN  37185-0070 Phone: (931) 296-2101 Fax: (931) 296-1434 E-mail: Web page:   County: HUMPHREYS Member Name: Humphreys County Contact: Jesse Wallace Job Title: County Executive Address: Room 1, Courthouse Annex Waverly,  TN  37185 Phone: (931) 296-7795 […]

Jackson County, TN

County: JACKSON Member Name: Jackson County Contact: John Cason Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 617 Gainesboro,  TN  38562-0617 Phone: (931) 268-9888 Fax: (931) 268-9060 E-mail: Web page: www.jacksonco.com   County: JACKSON Member Name: Town of Gainesboro Contact: John R. Fox Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 594 Gainesboro,  TN  38562-0594 Phone: Fax: E-mail: Web […]

Jefferson County, TN

County: JEFFERSON Member Name: Jefferson County Contact: Alan Palmieri Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 710 Dandridge,  TN  37725-0710 Phone: (865) 397-3800 Fax: (865) 397-3839 E-mail: mayor@jeffersoncountytn.gov Web page: www.jeffersoncountytn.gov   County: JEFFERSON Member Name: Town of Dandridge Contact: Jim Hutchins Job Title: Town Administrator Address: PO Box 249 Dandridge,  TN  37725 Phone: (865) 397-7420 […]

Johnson County, TN

County: JOHNSON Member Name: Johnson County Contact: Larry Potter Job Title: Mayor Address: 222 West Main Street Mountain City,  TN  37683-1338 Phone: (423) 727-9696 Fax: (423) 727-7047 E-mail: Web page: www.johnsoncountytn.org   County: JOHNSON Member Name: Mountain City Contact: Harvey Burniston Job Title: Mayor Address: 210 S Church St Mountain City,  TN  37683-1543 Phone: (423) […]

Knox County, TN

County: KNOX Member Name: City of Knoxville Contact: Daniel Brown Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1631 Knoxville,  TN  37901-1631 Phone: (865) 215-2040 Fax: (865) 215-2085 E-mail: mayor@cityofknoxville.org Web page: www.cityofknoxville.org

Lake County, TN

County: LAKE Member Name: Lake County Contact: Macie M. Roberson Job Title: Mayor Address: 229 Church Street Ste 1 Tiptonville,  TN  38079-1162 Phone: (731) 253-7382 Fax: (731) 253-9815 E-mail: Web page:   County: LAKE Member Name: Town of Tiptonville Contact: Danny Cook Job Title: Mayor Address: 130 South Court Street Tiptonville,  TN  38079-1304 Phone: (731) […]

Lauderdale County, TN

County: LAUDERDALE Member Name: City of Ripley Contact: Jon Pauletic Job Title: Mayor Address: 110 S Washington St Ripley,  TN  38063-1530 Phone: (731) 635-4000 Fax: (731) 635-2692 E-mail: Web page:   County: LAUDERDALE Member Name: Lauderdale County Contact: Rod Schuh Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 Courthouse Square Ripley,  TN  38063 Phone: (731) 635-3500 Fax: (731) […]

Lawrence County, TN

County: LAWRENCE Member Name: City of Lawrenceburg Contact: William McClain Job Title: City Administrator Address: 233 W Gaines St NBU# 4 Lawrenceburg,  TN  38464 Phone: (931) 762-4459 Fax: (931) 762-8829 E-mail: Web page:   County: LAWRENCE Member Name: Lawrence County Contact: J. M. Chandler Job Title: County Executive Address: 240 W. Gains, NBU 1 Lawrenceburg,  […]

Lewis County, TN

County: LEWIS Member Name: City of Hohenwald Contact: Don Jones Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 40 Hohenwald,  TN  38462-0040 Phone: (931) 796-2231 Fax: (931) 796-6055 E-mail: Web page: www.cityofhohenwald.com   County: LEWIS Member Name: Lewis County Contact: Van Ward Job Title: Mayor Address: 110 North Park Street Hohenwald,  TN  38462-1428 Phone: (931) 796-3378 Fax: […]

Lincoln County, TN

County: LINCOLN Member Name: City of Fayetteville Contact: Jim Lee Job Title: City Administrator Address: 110 Elk Avenue South Fayetteville,  TN  37334 Phone: (931) 433-6154 Fax: (931) 433-2557 E-mail: Web page:   County: LINCOLN Member Name: Lincoln County Contact: Peggy Bevels Job Title: County Executive Address: 112 Main Ave S Ste 101 Fayetteville,  TN  37334-3032 […]

Loudon County, TN

County: LOUDON Member Name: City of Loudon Contact: Lynn Mills Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 189 Loudon,  TN  37774-0189 Phone: (865) 458-2033 Fax: (865) 458-6781 E-mail: Web page: www.cityofloudontn.org   County: LOUDON Member Name: Loudon County Contact: Estelle Herron Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 River Road, Suite 106 Loudon,  TN  37774-1042 Phone: (865) […]

Macon County, TN

County: MACON Member Name: City of Lafayette Contact: Jay Carter Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 275 Lafayette,  TN  37083-0275 Phone: (615) 666-2194 Fax: (615) 666-2922 E-mail: mayor@nctc.com Web page: www.layfayettetn.com   County: MACON Member Name: Macon County Contact: Shelvy Linville Job Title: Mayor Address: 201 Macon County Courthouse Lafayette,  TN  37083 Phone: (615) 666-2363 […]

Madison County, TN

County: MADISON Member Name: City of Jackson Contact: Jerry Gist Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 2508 Jackson,  TN  38302-2508 Phone: (731) 425-8240 Fax: (731) 425-8605 E-mail: mayor@cityofjackson.net Web page: www.cityofjackson.net   County: MADISON Member Name: Madison County Contact: Jimmy Harris Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 East Main, Suite 302 Jackson,  TN  38301 Phone: (731) […]

Marion County, TN

County: MARION Member Name: Marion County Contact: John P. Graham Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 796 Jasper,  TN  37347 Phone: (423) 942-2552 Fax: (423) 942-1327 E-mail: mcexec@bellsouth.net Web page:   County: MARION Member Name: Town of Jasper Contact: Billy Simpson Job Title: Mayor Address: 4460 Main Street Jasper,  TN  37347-3500 Phone: (423) 942-3180 Fax: […]

Marshall County, TN

County: MARSHALL Member Name: City of Lewisburg Contact: Eddie Fuller Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 1968 Lewisburg,  TN  37091-0968 Phone: (931) 359-1544 Fax: (931) 359-7055 E-mail: Web page:   County: MARSHALL Member Name: Marshall County Contact: Joe Boyd Liggett Job Title: Mayor Address: 1108 Courthouse Anx Lewisburg,  TN  37091-3353 Phone: (931) 359-1279 Fax: […]

Maury County, TN

County: MAURY Member Name: City of Columbia Contact: Paul Boyer Job Title: City Manager Address: 707 N Main St Columbia,  TN  38401-3317 Phone: (931) 388-4094 Fax: (931) 381-7722 E-mail: Web page: www.columbiatn.com   County: MAURY Member Name: Maury County Contact: Jim Bailey Job Title: Mayor Address: Maury Co. Cthse. Room 101 Columbia,  TN  38401 Phone: […]

McMinn County, TN

County: McMINN Member Name: McMinn County Contact: John Gentry Job Title: Mayor Address: 6 East Madison Avenue Athens,  TN  37303 Phone: (423) 336-5974 Fax: (423) 744-0095 E-mail: countymayor@comcast.net Web page: www.mcminnco.org   County: McMINN Member Name: Town of Athens Contact: Mitchell Moore Job Title: Town Manager Address: PO Box 849 Athens,  TN  37371-0849 Phone: (423) […]

McNairy County, TN

County: McNAIRY Member Name: City of Selmer Contact: David Robinson Job Title: Mayor Address: 144 North Second Street Selmer,  TN  38375 Phone: (731) 645-3241 Fax: (731) 646-1462 E-mail: Web page:   County: McNAIRY Member Name: McNairy County Contact: Jai Templeton Job Title: Mayor Address: 170 West Court Ave. Selmer,  TN  38375 Phone: (731) 645-3472 Fax: […]

Meigs County, TN

County: MEIGS Member Name: Meigs County Contact: Garland Lankford Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 156 Decatur,  TN  37322-0156 Phone: (423) 334-5850 Fax: (423) 334-4819 E-mail: Web page:   County: MEIGS Member Name: Town of Decatur Contact: Bill James Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 188 Decatur,  TN  37322-0188 Phone: (423) 334-5716 Fax: (423) 334-9995 […]

Davidson County, TN

County: METRO/DAVIDSON Member Name: Metro Nashville/Davidson County Contact: Karl Dean Job Title: Mayor Address: 107 Metropolitan Courthouse Nashville,  TN  37201 Phone: (615) 862-6000 Fax: (615) 862-6040 E-mail: mayor@metro.nashville.org Web page: www.nashville.org

Moore County, TN

County: Metro/MOORE Member Name: Moore County Contact: Sloan Stewart Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 206 Lynchburg,  TN  37352-0206 Phone: (931) 759-7076 Fax: (931) 759-6394 E-mail: moorecoexecutive@yahoo.com Web page:

Monroe County, TN

County: MONROE Member Name: City of Madisonville Contact: Alfred McClendon Job Title: Mayor Address: 400 College St Madisonville,  TN  37354-1131 Phone: (423) 442-9416 Fax: (423) 442-6321 E-mail: mayhorm cclendon@bellsouth.net Web page: www.cityofmadisonville.org   County: MONROE Member Name: Monroe County Contact: Tim Yates Job Title: Mayor Address: 105 College Street, Suite 1 Madisonville,  TN  37354-1451 Phone: […]

Montgomery County, TN

County: MONTGOMERY Member Name: City of Clarksville Contact: Kim McMillan Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 928 Clarksville,  TN  37041-0928 Phone: (931) 645-7444 Fax: (931) 552-7479 E-mail: Web page: www.cityofclarksville.com   County: MONTGOMERY Member Name: Montgomery County Contact: Carolyn Bowers Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 368 Clarksville,  TN  37041-0368 Phone: (931) 648-5787 Fax: (931) […]

Morgan County, TN

County: MORGAN Member Name: City of Wartburg Contact: Joey Williams Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 386 Wartburg,  TN  37887-0386 Phone: (423) 346-6099 Fax: (423) 346-2262 E-mail: Web page:   County: MORGAN Member Name: Morgan County Contact: Don Edwards Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 387 Wartburg,  TN  37887-0387 Phone: (423) 346-6288 Fax: (423) 346-3609 […]

Obion County, TN

County: OBION Member Name: City of Union City Contact: Don Thornton Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 9 Union City,  TN  38281-0009 Phone: (731) 885-1341 Fax: (731) 885-7598 E-mail: Web page:   County: OBION Member Name: Obion County Contact: Benny McGuire Job Title: Mayor Address: Court House Union City,  TN  38261 Phone: (731) 885-9611 […]

Overton County, TN

County: OVERTON Member Name: Overton County Contact: W. Ron Cyrus Job Title: Mayor Address: 317 East University Street Livingston,  TN  38570 Phone: (931) 823-5638 Fax: (931) 823-7036 E-mail: Web page:   County: OVERTON Member Name: Town of Livingston Contact: Curtis Hayes Job Title: Mayor Address: 300 McHenry Circle Livingston,  TN  38570 Phone: (931) 823-1269 Fax: […]

Perry County, TN

County: PERRY Member Name: Perry County Contact: John Carroll Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 16 Linden,  TN  37096-0016 Phone: (931) 589-2216 Fax: (931) 589-2215 E-mail: perry@netease.net Web page:   County: PERRY Member Name: Town of Linden Contact: Jim Azbill Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 46 Linden,  TN  37096-0046 Phone: (931) 589-2736 Fax: (931) […]

Pickett County, TN

County: PICKETT Member Name: Pickett County Contact: Johnnie Neal Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 280 Byrdstown,  TN  38549-0280 Phone: (931) 864-3798 Fax: (931) 864-6615 E-mail: Web page:   County: PICKETT Member Name: Town of Byrdstown Contact: Billy Robbins Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 325 Byrdstown,  TN  38549-0325 Phone: (931) 864-6215 Fax: (931) 864-6120 […]

Polk County, TN

County: POLK Member Name: Polk County Contact: Hoyt Firestone Job Title: County Executive Address: PO Box 128 Benton,  TN  37307 Phone: (423) 338-4527 Fax: (423) 338-4558 E-mail: Web page:   County: POLK Member Name: Town of Benton Contact: Jerry T. Stephens Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 687 Benton,  TN  37307-0687 Phone: (423) 338-5733 Fax: […]

Putnam County, TN

County: PUTNAM Member Name: City of Cookeville Contact: Jim Shipley Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 998 Cookeville,  TN  38503-0998 Phone: (931) 920-5241 Fax: (931) 526-4897 E-mail: jshipley@cookeville-tn.org Web page: www.cookeville-tn.org   County: PUTNAM Member Name: Putnam County Contact: Kim Blaylock Job Title: Mayor Address: 300 E Spring St Rm 8 Cookeville,  TN  38501-3350 […]

Rhea County, TN

County: RHEA Member Name: City of Dayton Contact: Bobby Vincent Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 226 Dayton,  TN  37321-0226 Phone: (423) 775-1817 Fax: (423) 775-8404 E-mail: Web page:   County: RHEA Member Name: Rhea County Contact: George Thacker Job Title: Mayor Address: 375 Church St Ste 215 Dayton,  TN  37321-1338 Phone: (423) 775-7801 Fax: […]

Roane County, TN

County: ROANE Member Name: Roane County Contact: Ron Woody Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 643 Kingston,  TN  37763-0643 Phone: (865) 376-5578 Fax: (865) 376-4318 E-mail: rwoody@roanegov.org Web page: www.roanegov.org

Robertson County, TN

County: ROBERTSON Member Name: City of Springfield Contact: Paul John Nutting Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 788 Springfield,  TN  37172-0788 Phone: (615) 382-7786 Fax: (615) 382-7787 E-mail: Web page: www.springfield-tn.org   County: ROBERTSON Member Name: Robertson County Contact: Howard Bradley Job Title: Mayor Address: 501 Main Street Springfield,  TN  37172 Phone: (615) 384-2476 […]

Rutherford County, TN

County: RUTHERFORD Member Name: City of Murfreesboro Contact: Rob Lyons Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 1139 Murfreesboro,  TN  37133-1139 Phone: (615) 849-2629 Fax: (615) 849-2679 E-mail: rhaley@murfreesborotn.gov Web page: www.murfreesborotn.gov   County: RUTHERFORD Member Name: Rutherford County Contact: Ernest Burgess Job Title: Mayor Address: Public Square Murfreesboro,  TN  37130 Phone: (615) 898-7745 Fax: […]

Scott County, TN

County: SCOTT Member Name: Scott County Contact: Jeff Tibbals Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 180 Huntsville,  TN  37756-0180 Phone: (423) 663-2355 Fax: (423) 663-3803 E-mail: scottexec@highland.net Web page: www.scottcounty.com   County: SCOTT Member Name: Town of Huntsville Contact: George W. Potter Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 150 Huntsville,  TN  37756-0150 Phone: (423) 663-3471 […]

Sequatchie County, TN

County: SEQUATCHIE Member Name: City of Dunlap Contact: Dwain Land Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 546 Dunlap,  TN  37327-0546 Phone: (423) 949-2115 Fax: (423) 949-3359 E-mail: cityofdunlap@bledsoe.net Web page: cityofdunlap.com   County: SEQUATCHIE Member Name: Sequatchie County Contact: Michael Hudson Job Title: County Executive Address: PO Box 595 Dunlap,  TN  37327-0595 Phone: (423) 949-3479 […]

Sevier County, TN

County: SEVIER Member Name: City of Sevierville Contact: Steve Hendrix Job Title: City Administrator Address: PO Box 5500 Sevierville,  TN  37864-5500 Phone: (865) 453-5504 Fax: (865) 453-5518 E-mail: shendrix@seviervilletn.org Web page: www.seviervilletn.org   County: SEVIER Member Name: Sevier County Contact: Larry Waters Job Title: Mayor Address: 125 Court Avenue Sevierville,  TN  37862-3593 Phone: (423) 453-6136 […]

Shelby County, TN

County: SHELBY Member Name: City of Memphis Contact: A. C. Wharton Job Title: Mayor Address: 125 North Main – 7th Floor Memphis,  TN  38103 Phone: (901) 576-6007 Fax: (901) 576-6023 E-mail: Web page: www.memphistn.gov   County: SHELBY Member Name: Shelby County Contact: Mark Luttrell Job Title: Mayor Address: 160 North Main Street Memphis,  TN  38103 […]