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2014 TVA Tax Equivalent Payments

 Tax equivalent payments are part of TVA’s service-based mission  outlined in the TVA Act of 1933, and they help support stronger  communities across the region. TVA returns 5 percent of its gross proceeds from the sale of power to the  states and counties where it does business and has power facilities. Those  are the seven […]

March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter featuring news information from  the Tennessee Valley Authority

Spring Conference April 22-23 Guntersville, AL

Join Us For the ATVG Spring Conference April 23 & 24, 2015 Guntersville, Alabama Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge number: (256)  571-5440 Reservations: (256) 505-6621 Directions: Guntersville State Park Click Here for Registration Form

Walker County, GA

County: WALKER Member Name: City of Lafayette Contact: Johnnie Arnold Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 89 Lafayette,  GA  30728-0089 Phone: (706) 638-3177 Fax: (706) 638-1872 E-mail: Web page:   County: WALKER Member Name: Walker County Contact: Bebe Heiskell Job Title: Sole Commissioner Address: PO Box 445 Lafayette,  GA  30728-0445 Phone: (706) […]

Union County, GA

County: UNION Member Name: City of Blairsville Contact: Jim Conley Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 307 Blairsville,  GA  30514-0307 Phone: (706) 745-2000 Fax: (706) 745-7326 E-mail: Web page:   County: UNION Member Name: Union County Contact: Lamar Paris Job Title: Sole Commissioner Address: 114 Courthouse Street Blairsville,  GA  30512-3003 Phone: (706) 439-6000 Fax: (706) […]

Towns County, GA

County: TOWNS Member Name: City of Hiawssee Contact: Barbara Mathis Job Title: Mayor Address: 229 Chatuge Way Hiawassee,  GA  30546-3439 Phone: (706) 896-2203 Fax: (706) 896-4991 E-mail: Web page:   County: TOWNS Member Name: Towns County Contact: Bill Kendal Job Title: Sole Commissioner Address: 48 River Street Hiawassee,  GA  30546 Phone: (706) 896-2276 Fax: (706) […]

Rabun County, GA

County: RABUN Member Name: City of Clayton Contact: Cissy Henry Job Title: City Manager Address: 99 N Church St Clayton,  GA  30525-4179 Phone: (706) 782-4512 Fax: (706) 782-4596 E-mail: Web page:   County: RABUN Member Name: Rabun County Contact: Max Watts Job Title: Chairman Address: 25 Courthouse Sq Ste 201 Clayton,  GA  30525-4114 Phone: (706) […]

Murray County, GA

County: MURRAY Member Name: City of Chatsworth Contact: Jerry Sanford Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 516 Chatsworth,  GA  30705-0516 Phone: (706) 695-2834 Fax: (706) 695-517-1623 E-mail: Web page:   County: MURRAY Member Name: Murray County Contact: James Welch Job Title: Sole Commissioner Address: PO Box 1129 Chatsworth,  GA  30705-1129 Phone: (706) 695-2413 Fax: (706) […]

Lumpkin County, GA

County: LUMPKIN Member Name: City of Dahlonega Contact: Billy Lewis Job Title: City Manager Address: 465 Riley Rd Dahlonega,  GA  30533-0810 Phone: (706) 864-6133 Fax: (706) 864-4837 E-mail: Web page:   County: LUMPKIN Member Name: Lumpkin County Contact: Stan Kelley Job Title: County Manager Address: 99 Courthouse Hill Suite A Dahlonega,  GA  30533-0541 […]

Gordon County, GA

County: GORDON Member Name: City of Calhoun Contact: Larry Vickery Job Title: Superintendent Address: 700 West Line Street Calhoun,  GA  30701 Phone: (706) 602-6127 Fax: (706) 625-0439 E-mail: Web page:   County: GORDON Member Name: Gordon County Contact: Randall Dowling Job Title: County Administrator Address: PO Box 580 Calhoun,  GA  30703-0580 Phone: (706) […]

Gilmer County, GA

County: GILMER Member Name: City of Ellijay Contact: Al Hoyle Job Title: Mayor Address: 197 N Main St Ellijay,  GA  30540-3323 Phone: (706) 635-4711 Fax: (706) 635-4712 E-mail: Web page:   County: GILMER Member Name: Gilmer County Contact: Mark E. Chastain Job Title: Chairman Address: 1 Broad Street, Suite 106 Ellijay,  GA  30540 Phone: (706) […]

Fannin County, GA

County: FANNIN Member Name: City of Blue Ridge Contact: Robert E. Greene Job Title: Mayor Address: 480 West First Street Blue Ridge,  GA  30513 Phone: 706 632-2091 Fax: 706 632-3278 E-mail: Web page:   County: FANNIN Member Name: Fannin County Contact: William Simonds Job Title: Chairman Address: 400 W Main Street, Suite 100 Blue Ridge,  […]

Dade County, GA

County: DADE Member Name: City of Trenton Contact: Paul Rollings Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 518 Trenton,  GA  30752-0518 Phone: (706) 657-4167 Fax: (706) 657-7228 E-mail: Web page:   County: DADE Member Name: Dade County Contact: Ted Rumley Job Title: County Executive Address: PO Box 613 Trenton,  GA  30752-0613 Phone: (706) 657-4625 Fax: (706) […]

Chatooga County, GA

County: CHATOOGA Member Name: Chattooga County Contact: Mike D. Dawson Job Title: Sole Commissioner Address: PO Box 211 Summerville,  GA  30747-0211 Phone: (706) 857-0700 Fax: (706) 857-0742 E-mail: Web page:   County: CHATOOGA Member Name: City of Summerville Contact: Grady McClamon Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 180 Summerville,  GA  30747-0180 Phone: (706) […]

Catoosa County, GA

County: CATOOSA Member Name: Catoosa County Contact: Mike Helton Job Title: County Manager Address: 800 Lafayette Street Ringgold,  GA  30736 Phone: (706) 965-2500 Fax: (706) 935-8031 E-mail: Web page:   County: CATOOSA Member Name: City of Ringgold Contact: Dan Wright Job Title: City Manager Address: 150 Tennessee St Ringgold,  GA  30736-2121 Phone: (706) […]

Winston County, AL

County: WINSTON Member Name: City of Double Springs Contact: John Berry Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 279 Double Springs,  AL  35553-0279 Phone: (205) 489-5447 Fax: (205) 489-3529 E-mail: Web page:   County: WINSTON Member Name: Winston County Contact: Roger Hayes Job Title: Chairman Address: PO Box 147 Double Springs,  AL  35553-0147 Phone: (205) 489-5026 […]

Morgan County, AL

County: Morgan Member Name: Contact: Ken Livingston Job Title: Address: 550 Shull Road Hartselle,  AL  35640 Phone: 256-773-7383 Fax: E-mail: Web page:   County: MORGAN Member Name: City of Decatur Contact: Don Kyle Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 488 Decatur,  AL  35602-0488 Phone: (256) 351-7967 Fax: (256) 351-7564 E-mail: Web page:

Marshall County, AL

County: MARSHALL Member Name: City of Albertville Contact: Lindsey Lyons Job Title: Mayor Address: P.O. Box 1248 Albertville,  AL  35950 Phone: (256) 891-8202 Fax: (256) 891-8209 E-mail: Web page:   County: MARSHALL Member Name: City of Arab Contact: Gary Beam Job Title: Mayor Address: 740 North Main Street Arab,  AL  35016 Phone: (256) 586-3544 […]

Marion County, AL

County: MARION Member Name: City of Hamilton Contact: Steve Logan Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 188 Hamilton,  AL  35570-0188 Phone: (205) 921-2121 Fax: (205) 921-2220 E-mail: Web page:   County: MARION Member Name: Marion County Contact: Bobby Burleson Job Title: Chairman Address: PO Box 460 Hamilton,  AL  35570-0460 Phone: (205) 921-3172 Fax: (205) 921-5109 […]

Madison County, AL

County: MADISON Member Name: City of Huntsville Contact: Loretta Spencer Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 308 Huntsville,  AL  35804-0308 Phone: (256) 427-5000 Fax: (256) 427-5257 E-mail: Web page:   County: MADISON Member Name: Madison County Contact: Mike G. Gillespie Job Title: Chairman Address: 100 Northside Square Huntsville,  AL  35801 Phone: (256) 532-3492 Fax: […]

Limestone County, AL

County: LIMESTONE Member Name: City of Athens Contact: Dan Williams Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1089 Athens,  AL  35612-1089 Phone: (256) 233-8720 Fax: (256) 233-8721 E-mail: Web page:   County: LIMESTONE Member Name: Limestone County Contact: Pam Ball Job Title: Administrator Address: 310 West Washington Street Athens,  AL  35611-2561 Phone: (256) 233-6400 Fax: (256) […]

Lawrence County, AL

County: LAWRENCE Member Name: City of Moulton Contact: Ray Alexander Job Title: Mayor Address: 720 Seminary Street Moulton,  AL  35650-1551 Phone: (256) 974-5191 Fax: (256) 974-4821 E-mail: Web page:   County: LAWRENCE Member Name: Lawrence County Contact: Joey Hargrove Job Title: Chairman Address: PO Box 307 Moulton,  AL  35650-0307 Phone: (256) 974-0663 Fax: (256) 974-2403 […]

Lauderdale County, AL

County: LAUDERDALE Member Name: City of Florence Contact: Bobby E. Irons Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 98 Florence,  AL  35631-0098 Phone: (256) 760-1400 Fax: (256) 760-6388 E-mail: Web page:   County: LAUDERDALE Member Name: Lauderdale County Contact: Jenoice Bevis Job Title: Administrator Address: PO Box 1059 Florence,  AL  35631-1059 Phone: (256) 760-5747 Fax: […]

Jackson County, AL

County: JACKSON Member Name: City of Scottsboro Contact: Melton Potter Job Title: Mayor Address: 316 South Broad Street Scottsboro,  AL  35768 Phone: (256) 574-3100 Fax: (256) 574-4966 E-mail: Web page:   County: JACKSON Member Name: Jackson County Contact: James E. Tidmore Job Title: Chairman Address: 102 East Laurel Street Scottsboro,  AL  35768-1852 Phone: […]

Franklin County, AL

County: FRANKLIN Member Name: City of Russellville Contact: Troy Oliver Job Title: Mayor Address: P.O. Box 1000 Russellville,  AL  35653-1000 Phone: (256) 332-6060 Fax: (256) 332-8777 E-mail: Web page:   County: FRANKLIN Member Name: Franklin County Contact: Barry Moore Job Title: Chairman Address: PO Box 1028 Russellville,  AL  35653-1028 Phone: (256) 332-8850 Fax: (256) […]

Etowah County, AL

County: ETOWAH Member Name: City of Gadsden Contact: Sherman Guyton Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 267 Gadsden,  AL  35902-0267 Phone: (256) 549-4646 Fax: (256) 549-4565 E-mail: Web page:   County: ETOWAH Member Name: Etowah County Contact: Tim N. Choate Job Title: Chairman Address: 800 Forrest Avenue Gadsden,  AL  35901 Phone: (256) 549-1444 Fax: (256) […]

DeKalb County, AL

County: DEKALB Member Name: City of Fort Payne Contact: William H. Jordan Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 Alabama Ave NW Fort Payne,  AL  35967-2052 Phone: (256) 845-1524 Fax: (256) 845-2987 E-mail: Web page:   County: DEKALB Member Name: Dekalb County Contact: Sid Holcomb Job Title: President Address: 111 Grand Ave SW, Suite 200 […]

Cullman County, AL

County: CULLMAN Member Name: City of Cullman Contact: Donald E. Green Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 278 Cullman,  AL  35056-0278 Phone: (256) 739-1212 Fax: (256) 775-7132 E-mail: Web page:   County: CULLMAN Member Name: Cullman County Contact: James Graves Job Title: Chairman Address: 500 2nd Avenue SW Cullman,  AL  35055-4136 Phone: (256) […]

Colbert County, AL

County: COLBERT Member Name: City of Tuscumbia Contact: Billy S. Shoemaker Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 29 Tuscumbia,  AL  35674-0029 Phone: (256) 383-5463 Fax: (256) 383-3313 E-mail: Web page:   County: COLBERT Member Name: Colbert County Contact: Donna Liewellyn Job Title: County Administrator Address: 210 North Main Street Tuscumbia,  AL  35674-2043 Phone: (256) 386-8500 […]

Cherokee County, AL

County: CHEROKEE Member Name: Cherokee County Contact: Melvin Salter Job Title: Chairman Address: 260 Cedar Bluff Road Centre,  AL  35960-1433 Phone: (256) 927-3363 Fax: (256) 927-6949 E-mail: Web page:   County: CHEROKEE Member Name: City of Centre Contact: Phil Powell Job Title: Mayor Address: 401 E Main St Centre,  AL  35960-1522 Phone: (256) 927-5222 […]

Blount County, AL

County: BLOUNT Member Name: Blount County Contact: Ralph Mitchell Job Title: Administrator Address: 220 2nd Ave East, Room 106 Oneonta,  AL  35121-1716 Phone: (205) 625-4160 Fax: (205) 625-5961 E-mail: Web page:   County: BLOUNT Member Name: City of Oneonta Contact: Darryl Ray Job Title: Mayor Address: 202 Third Avenue East Oneonta,  AL  35121-0009 Phone: […]

Wilson County, TN

County: WILSON Member Name: City of Lebanon Contact: Philip Craighead Job Title: Mayor Address: 200 Castle Heights Ave N Lebanon,  TN  37087-2740 Phone: (615) 443-2839 Fax: (615) 443-2851 E-mail: Web page:   County: WILSON Member Name: Wilson County Contact: Randall Hutto Job Title: Mayor Address: 228 East Main Street Lebanon,  TN  37087-2867 Phone: […]

Williamson County, TN

County: WILLIAMSON Member Name: City of Franklin Contact: Eric Stuckey Job Title: City Administrator Address: PO Box 305 Franklin,  TN  37065-0305 Phone: (615) 791-3217 Fax: (615) 790-0469 E-mail: Web page:   County: WILLIAMSON Member Name: Williamson County Contact: Rogers Anderson Job Title: Mayor Address: 1320 W Main Street Franklin,  TN  37064-3700 Phone: (615) 790-5700 […]

White County, TN

County: WHITE Member Name: City of Sparta Contact: Marty Carmichael Job Title: City Administrator Address: PO Box 30 Sparta,  TN  38583-0030 Phone: (931) 836-3248 Fax: (931) 836-3941 E-mail: Web page:   County: WHITE Member Name: White County Contact: Herd E. Sullivan Job Title: Mayor Address: Courthouse Room 205 Sparta,  TN  38583 Phone: (931) 836-3203 […]

Weakley County, TN

County: WEAKLEY Member Name: Town of Dresden Contact: Danny Forrester Job Title: Mayor Address: 117 West Main Street Dresden,  TN  38225 Phone: (731) 364-2270 Fax: (731) 364-5462 E-mail: Web page: Back to top County: WEAKLEY Member Name: Weakley County Contact: Jake Bynam Job Title: Mayor Address: 116 West Main Street, Room 106 Dresden,  TN  38225-1163 […]

Wayne County, TN

County: WAYNE Member Name: City of Waynesboro Contact: John Hickman Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 471 Waynesboro,  TN  38485-0471 Phone: (931) 722-5458 Fax: (931) 722-9109 E-mail: Web page:   County: WAYNE Member Name: Wayne County Contact: Jason Rich Job Title: County Executive Address: PO Box 848 Waynesboro,  TN  38485-0848 Phone: (931) 722-3653 […]