North Carolina Member Counties

Carroll County, TN

County: CARROLL Member Name: Carroll County Contact: Kenny McBride Job Title: Mayor Address: 625 High St Ste 101 Huntingdon,  TN  38344-1731 Phone: (731) 986-1936 Fax: (731) 986-1935 E-mail: Web page:   County: CARROLL Member Name: Town of Huntingdon Contact: Dale R. Kelley Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 668 Huntingdon,  TN  38344-0668 Phone: (731) […]

Cannon County, TN

County: CANNON Member Name: Cannon County Contact: Mike Gannon Job Title: Mayor Address: Public Square, Cthse Woodbury,  TN  37190 Phone: (615) 563-2320 Fax: (615) 563-5696 E-mail: Web page:   County: CANNON Member Name: Town of Woodbury Contact: Harold Patrick Job Title: Mayor Address: 101 West Water Street Woodbury,  TN  37190 Phone: (615) 563-5021 Fax: (615) […]

Campbell County, TN

County: CAMPBELL Member Name: Campbell County Contact: William Baird Job Title: Mayor Address: 570 Main Street, Ste. 15A Jacksboro,  TN  37757-0435 Phone: (423) 562-2526 Fax: (423) 562-2075 E-mail: Web page: Back to top County: CAMPBELL Member Name: Town of Jacksboro Contact: Jack Cannon Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 75 Jacksboro,  TN  37757-0075 Phone: […]

Bradley County, TN

County: BRADLEY Member Name: Bradley County Contact: Gary Davis Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 1167 Cleveland,  TN  37364-1167 Phone: (423) 476-0600 Fax: (423) 476-0696 E-mail: Web page:   County: BRADLEY Member Name: City of Cleveland Contact: Janice Casteel Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 1519 Cleveland,  TN  37311-5330 Phone: (423) 476-9320 Fax: […]

Blount County, TN

County: BLOUNT Member Name: Blount County Contact: Ed Mitchell Job Title: Mayor Address: 341 Court Street Maryville,  TN  37804-5906 Phone: (865) 273-5700 Fax: (865) 273-5705 E-mail: Web page:   County: BLOUNT Member Name: City of Alcoa Contact: Mark Johnson Job Title: City Manager Address: 223 Associates Blvd Alcoa,  TN  37701-1943 Phone: (865) 380-4795 […]

Bledsoe County, TN

County: BLEDSOE Member Name: Bledsoe County Contact: Robert Collier Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 149 Pikeville,  TN  37367-0149 Phone: (423) 447-6855 Fax: (423) 447-7265 E-mail: Web page:   County: BLEDSOE Member Name: City of Pikeville Contact: Greg Johnson Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 225 Pikeville,  TN  37367-0225 Phone: (423) 447-2919 Fax: (423) 447-2028 […]

Benton County, TN

County: BENTON Member Name: Benton County Contact: Brent Lashlee Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 Court Sq Ste 102 Camden,  TN  38320-2070 Phone: (731) 584-6011 Fax: (731) 584-4640 E-mail: Web page: Back to top County: BENTON Member Name: City of Camden Contact: Alan Webb Job Title: Mayor Address: PO Box 779 Camden,  TN  38320-0779 Phone: (731) 584-4656 Fax: (731) 584-1781 E-mail: […]

Bedford County, TN

ounty: BEDFORD Member Name: Bedford County Contact: Eugene Ray Job Title: Mayor Address: 1 Public Sq Ste 101 Shelbyville,  TN  37160-3953 Phone: (931) 684-7944 Fax: (931) 684-8697 E-mail: Web page:   County: BEDFORD Member Name: City of Shelbyville Contact: Mike Dill Job Title: City Manager Address: PO Box 185 Shelbyville,  TN  37162-0185 Phone: (931) 684-2691 Ext. 400 Fax: (931) 684-1423 E-mail: […]

Anderson County, TN

County: ANDERSON Member Name: Anderson County Contact: Myron L. Iwanski Job Title: Mayor Address: 100 N. Main St. Clinton,  TN  37716 Phone: (865) 457-6200 Fax: (865) 456-6201 E-mail: Web page:   County: ANDERSON Member Name: City of Clinton Contact: Steve Jones Job Title: City Manager Address: 100 Bowling Street Clinton,  TN  37716-2902 Phone: (865) 457-0424 Fax: (865) 457-4651 E-mail: […]


Brent Greer, Former Mayor Henry County, Tennessee Email: